10-Year Celebration

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TEN YEARS!  What a great honor and privilege this milestone is!  It’s provoked a great deal of reflection about where it all started, the live’s that have touched… Read More »

Healthy Life, Happy Life

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Thank you, Jeannie, for sharing your testimonial. We are honored to be your partners in health and wellness.   “When I came to see Dr. Smith I was… Read More »

Clear and Confident!

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Read below for another testimonial from our Rock Star practice member Carla. She’s made amazing strides in her heath journey, and we are so happy to be apart… Read More »

From Surviving…to Thriving

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Below is the testimony of another of Sozo’s Rock Star Practice Members. Thaks for sharing Becky! We love being your partner in health.   “Two years ago, I wasn’t… Read More »

Sprinting to Success

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Below is an awesome testimony from one of our Rock Star Practice Members. Thanks for sharing Maxine. We love being your partner in health!   ” I have… Read More »


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  Learn The 3 BIGGEST THINGS Keeping You From LOOKING AND FEELING YOUNGER And The #1 THING TO DO About Them Friday March 4th Live Webcast With Q & A Dr…. Read More »

8-Day Detox Program

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Get The Handout:   8 Day Detox Plan This 8-Day Detox Program is fully customizable and incorporates superior tasting, high-quality products intended to provide nutritional support during a liver… Read More »

GF Thanksgiving Recipes

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This is by far, my favorite holiday recipe to share with the newest members of a Gluten Free (GF) lifestyle, who fear they’ll never be able to enjoy… Read More »

Take Charge Of These 3 Snafu’s and Avoid Struggling With Weight Forever

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It’s time to CONFRONT and TAKE CHARGE of your struggle with weight! If you typically “eat healthy” and exercise but still cannot get the weight off-there’s a reason…. Read More »

Coconut Milk Yogurt Recipe

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I’ve been meaning to share this for a while. It’s too delicious for words to describe. I’m not a fan of dairy, or store bought yogurt. I don’t… Read More »