TEN YEARS!  What a great honor and privilege this milestone is!  It’s provoked a great deal of reflection about where it all started, the live’s that have touched mine along the way, where we are now and the vision I have for Sozo’s future.

You cannot survive as a business owner for 10 years without passion that’s for sure!  As most of you know, I pursued my Doctorate after my own health recovery.  This is definitely part of the passion that still drives me today. I’ve never forgotten what it was like to get a diagnosis and be told I would have to live with it forever, or being given a narcotic prescription as the only “solution”.  I remember what it’s like to be sick, and how it stole my ability to live life fully.   I’m grateful that dark place, showed me my God-given my purpose, to show people there is another way to care for their health-naturally.  I remember one of my first clients, a lady suffering from severe pain and could not take pain meds, who called within days of coming to see me, so excited she had her first pain free night in years.  She had resorted to sleeping on her sofa, the only place she could partially get comfortable to sleep.  Imagine how that affected her relationship with her husband!  I was so happy for her.  Being able to experience our client’s recoveries through these 10 years, has provided the rest of the passion and determination to help me push through the hard times.

There have been so many of you that have gotten radical results through the years, thank goodness I’ve finally learned to collect testimonials!  My last appointment this week was with a business woman who had chronic diarrhea for YEARS.  She had every public restroom mapped out on the way to work because she had to stop every morning to keep from having an accident. She could no longer travel by plane because she couldn’t do so without the fear of having a bathroom accident.  Can you imagine the impact on her life?  Since we’ve been working together she’s only had to stop one morning on the way to work and she’s lost 25 pounds!!!  She reported that she got to fly in an airplane for a work trip recently without having to use a lap belt extender or having bathroom issues.  This brings tears to my eyes and so much joy to my heart!  The people I work with are fearless, courageous and so dear to my heart!  Member after Member, you have touched my life forever, thank you so much!

A Doctorate in Natural Medicines is an education of one kind, but being a business owner is an education like no other! And I have learned some things!  Like, I’d rather be beat with a stick than do things like marketing but guess what, it has to be done if you are a business owner.  I’ve learned use things like WordPress, and social media, accounting…oh my…can you say outsource?! No to mention building and landscaping, none of which I ever saw coming.   I’m so grateful for the many people who have helped me learn these things.  Truly, there are too many to name but you know who you are…I hope you will come celebrate with us and say hi.

In 2016 we experienced a  lot of growth and change.  I hired some wellness experts and my Daughter, McKenzi.  What an amazingly wonderful thing to have a team!  I’m loving being an employer.   Also in 2016, we opened our second location and I love it more than words!  Metairie has quickly gained a special place in my heart.  I love the people, and the “Big City” feel, it’s so different from our humble country office.  It’s true, variety is the spice of life, and working between the two offices is so enjoyable for us.   We are quickly making friends and building relationships with locals.

Through the years, I’ve been able to meet other professionals who help our Practice Members continue on their healthy lifestyle journey.   Many of them will be showcasing their businesses at our 10- Year Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday, June 28th 3:30-6:30 at our Prairieville, LA location.  So come, all of you who’ve been a part of our journey is invited.  If you didn’t get an invitation in the mail please just come!  We’re having music, food, 10 local vendors spotlights, 10 door prizes and plenty of visiting and catching up!  Plus we’ll reveal our vision for the future of Sozo’s…you don’t want to miss this!

God Bless and Thank You for being a part of our success!


Dr. Christina Smith, DNM, DICB

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