Get The Handout:   8 Day Detox Plan

This 8-Day Detox Program is fully customizable and incorporates superior tasting, high-quality products intended to provide nutritional support during a liver clearing program.  Simply choose the appropriate products within each of the four categories in the handout below according to your individual needs and follow the provided dietary guidelines for 8 full days.

If you’d like to do some blood work to see if a liver clearing program is appropriate for you, please call.  If you are not sure that this type of program is a good idea for you or will interact with medication, please check with your Doctor before doing this or any other cleanse.

Clients of Sozo’s can order the 8 Day Detox products through through their NPscript account for discounted pricing.  If you need help getting an NPscript account set up, please call the office during office hours for assistance.

Naturally Yours,

Dr. Smith