Get ready…4-Core Do-It-Yourself Natural Health Solutions will be launching soon!

This program is a compilation of my clinical experience, knowledge and research from nearly a decade of practice in natural health care.  The content aims to teach you how to identify underlying causes of dysfunction within your body, all by yourself.  Since not everyone can afford to work with me one-to-one I decided to figure out a way I could share what I know and help more people.  I found that 16 of the most common dysfunctions could be isolated to 4 core areas of the body:  the gut, metabolic, hormone and immune.  These functional imbalances are the root cause of most of today’s common health problems.  This is not a band-aid approach, simply trying to get rid of symptoms.  The principles of functional nutrition found throughout 4-Core are corrective solutions.  I show you how dysfunction happens in these areas, how to self-assess your symptoms and lab tests, and I share the exact nutritional protocols I use along with the dietary and lifestyle modifications I recommend in my office. This program is for those of you who’ve been told, nothing’s wrong, your lab tests are normal-but you don’t feel right.  It’s for those of you who cannot accept the disease model of “sick care” as the only way to care for you health and want another way, a safer, more natural way to care for your body. 4-Core can help if you have :

  • heartburn
  • constipation/diarrhea or both
  • belching, bloating or gas
  • intolerance to smells
  • skin outbreaks
  • allergies
  • food sensitivities
  • sleep problems
  • anxiety/nervousness
  • weight issues
  • fatigue
  • pain and inflammation
  • brain fog
  • hormone problems
  • poor concentration
  • and more

The program will be accessed online and presented in a way that is easy to understood and use. I know you are willing to put forth the effort to getting yourself better and I’m giving you all I have-everything I know from the last decade of study, application and experience to make sure you succeed in reclaiming your health! Be on the lookout for a special announcement with more details about 4-Core, including the launch date!