Below is the testimony of another of Sozo’s Rock Star Practice Members. Thaks for sharing Becky! We love being your partner in health.


“Two years ago, I wasn’t feeling well and my GP wanted me to take all kinds of medicines with horrible side effects. I’ve known Christina Smith for several years. I called and made my appointment. We sat down one on one and reviewed my sleeping and eating habits, identified the stressors in my life, and went over my mental and physical activity. I was feeling very tired and fatigued, taking multiple naps a day…and just feeling BLAH all the time.Christina worked up a plan specifically for me….and it wasn’t easy! But I followed the plan with Christina encouraging spiritually and emotionally…mentoring me every step of the way. I’m on my way to working in my yard and playing with my granddaughter. The pain in my joints is much better today, I sleep through the night, and I no longer feel the need to nap during the day. Thank you for helping me to learn to eat healthy, exercise, and take the time to care for myself!”

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