Become A Client:

Step 1 Paper Work

Complete and send us the new client forms. When we receive them, we’ll schedule your 1st appointment.

Step 2 Initial Consultation

We start with a complete, whole-body assessment to discover how your body’s organs and systems (physiology) can be affecting optimal function and why.
We do not diagnose disease, treat disease, cure disease, practice medicine or prescribe drugs!

Natural health care is different.  We will spend more time with you than you are probably used to; be prepared to spend anywhere from 1-2 hours at this initial appointment.

What we’ll accomplish during this time:

  1. Educate you about us
  2. Educate us about you
  3. Discuss your physiology
  4. Discuss your goals, needs, and preferences
  5. Order appropriate Lab tests

* We order comprehensive lab work on all new clients averaging $199

It’s a partnership of care and you are the managing partner!  We believe our job is to empower you with knowledge about your physiology and how to achieve optimal function through natural methods, including diet and lifestyle modifications, functional foods, nutritional supplements and botanicals.  We will make necessary referrals when your care is outside the scope of our work.

Step 3 Your Individualized Plan

At your second appointment we’ll review the information we’ve collected about you and the issues we identify as being necessary to address in order to achieve your goals, balance your nutritional status, and restore proper function where able through nutritional and natural modalities.

We do not believe in magic pills, quick fix cures, or a one size fits all approach to health.  But, we do see and experience excellent results from a personalized approach designed around your physiology, using the latest information from science and integrative natural traditions.  We provide evidence based results you can measure.

You will receive a full color report detailing step by step instructions and educational information.