It’s time to CONFRONT and TAKE CHARGE of your struggle with weight!

If you typically “eat healthy” and exercise but still cannot get the weight off-there’s a reason. If you’re looking for a plan that’s not a fad, diet in a box type plan, but a real food, individualized plan that addresses your struggles, then you’re in the right place.

Weight is one of the TOP health concerns of most people I see. I’ve never not been able help someone struggling with weight-ever! My job is to find what’s not working right in your physiology and give you a nutritional strategy to help – it’s your job to follow it…there is no magic.
It’s very simple really, once you have an understanding of:
a. What to confront – “physiology snafus” i.e. what’s not working properly in your physiology
b. how to “take charge” using food and nutritional supplements in a strategic way to turn your physiology toward your goal

With weight loss, I’ve discovered there are several things that can cause you to struggle, that you must CONFRONT and TAKE CHARGE of in order to lose weight:

1) Stress
2) Blood Sugar Imbalance and Insulin Surges
3) Appetite & Cravings
Note: I will have a training on intestinal health at 11 am on October 13th, on microbial imbalance which can also be a snafu…if you think this sounds like you, please plan to join.

Snafu #1…When Stress is in charge…
When the body is experiencing stress, the sympathetic nervous system works to turn on the “fight or flight” response. This results in changes in our physiology such as increased heart rate and respiration, increased body temperature, shunting of blood to our limbs, and shutting down of digestion. Long-term, this can lead to excessive amounts of CORTISOL which is a STRESS HORMONE. The stress hormone, cortisol, comes from the adrenal glands and excessive amounts can lead to central obesity and increased insulin resistance, among many, many other physiological dysfunctions. When stress is in charge…repeated elevation of cortisol leads to weight gain.

Snafu #2…When Blood Sugar Imbalance and Insulin Surges are in charge…
The maintenance of stable blood sugar levels depends on food choice, lifestyle, adrenal function (cortisol) and insulin activity. Since a principal function of cortisol is to thwart the effect of insulin—essentially rendering the cells insulin resistant—the body remains in a general insulin-resistant state when cortisol levels are chronically elevated. Over time, the pancreas struggles to keep up with the high demand for insulin, blood sugar (glucose) levels in the blood remain high, the cells cannot get the sugar they need, and the cycle continues.
We can determine the impact carbohydrate foods have on blood sugar stability by using the Glycemic Index and determining the Glycemic Load of a meal. We can further determine our own individual carbohydrate tolerance by learning to listen to what our symptoms are saying.
Here are some examples of low and high blood sugar symptoms:
• Irritable, nervous, shaky, or light-headed between meals
• Feel energized after meals
• Difficulty eating large meals in the morning
• Energy level drops in the afternoon
• Crave sugar and sweets in the afternoon
• Wake up in the middle of the night
• Difficulty concentrating before eating
• Depend on coffee to keep going
• Fatigue after meals
• Sugar and sweet cravings after meals
• Need for a stimulant, such as caffeine or nicotine after meals
• Difficulty losing weight
• Increased frequency of urination
• Difficulty falling asleep
• Increased appetite

Statistic: ABC news says, “Half of all American adults are destined to develop diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020 if they don’t slim down, according to a dire new prediction that pegs the cost of their care at $3.35 billion by decade’s end.”
Health reform starts with us…
It must begin with us as individuals, to be responsible for our health!

Now you won’t want to miss a word of this last thing that keeps people struggling with weight because it’s the #1 thing that really makes losing weight a STRUGGLE!

Snafu #3…When Hunger & Food Cravings are in charge…
Hunger is the physiological need we have for food.
Appetite, on the other hand, is the psycho-logical motivation for food intake- which is independent of our nutritional state…this is food craving. When you’re standing in front of the fridge or the pantry with the door open waiting for something to jump out and excite you, you’re most likely craving because of a brain based imbalance. The food industry capitalizes on this with flavor science, using food flavoring to make us respond emotionally to food. We are often deceived by the packaging as to what is truly “healthy”.
Appetite suppressants attempt to lessen a person’s psychological motivation for food.

We need to eat for function, according to our snafus, and for energy instead of psychological/brain chemistry appetites and cravings. Human beings are the only species in the universe that have such a problem with obesity. This is probably due to our overabundance of food sources and our tendency to link our emotions with feelings of hunger and food. Every other species of animal eats for survival and no other reason. When a cheetah feels hungry, she hunts for food until she finds it and then eats to fullness. But many of us eat for other reasons. For example, we eat popcorn at the movie theater out of habit, not because we’re hungry. We all know which foods “comfort” us. The older we get the more consequences we pay for eating for comfort.

Increased appetite is when you want to eat much more often or in larger quantities than your body requires. This may or may not result in weight gain. The most common underlying causes of increased appetite are:
1. Pregnancy
2. Diabetes…physiology snafu’s: glucose (food choice), insulin, adrenal (stress hormone), lifestyle
3. Low blood sugar…physiology snafu’s: food choice (glucose), insulin, adrenal, lifestyle (habits)
4. Depression…physiology snafu’s: Brain Chemistry
5. Anxiety…physiology snafu’s: adrenals (stress hormones), brain chemistry
We can change these snafu’s with targeted diet, targeted nutrients/supplements, and lifestyle! We have choices! I’m here to help!

Most of us need appetite suppressants, at least initially, to keep us from feeling hungry and craving so we can consume less food and lose weight. But most weight loss aides are plagued with numerous and sometimes dangerous side effects. Things like tachycardia (rapid heart rate), cardiac arrhythmia (irregular rhythm and palpitations), insomnia, anxiety are common. So it’s important to use safe, non-stimulant appetite control to CONFRONT APPETITE so you don’t feel hungry and also TAKE CHARGE of CRAVINGS without the side-effects.

Every day we hear or read about how excess weight has been associated with countless health problems, including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, certain types of cancer, joint disorders, and increased inflammation. With nearly 2/3rds of American adults qualifying as being overweight or obese, obesity has become an epidemic problem in the United States. People have gone to extreme measures such as stomach stapling, liposuction and starvation diets to try and take off excess weight. Many Americans are willing to do whatever is necessary to look a certain way, no matter what the cost. Sometimes these costs outweigh the benefits of losing weight. Oftentimes, when people diet and lose weight, they end up going off the diet and gaining the weight back. And it’s tragic because it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why I combined my decades of education, all my mentorship, training, and experience into a program called the UltraLean Intensive.

So far we’ve confronted:
a) your physiology snafus
Is it okay if I share a little more about the UltraLean Intensive Program and show you how to:
b) take charge of your snafus by using food and nutritional supplements in a strategic way?

Ok, great!

The UltraLean Intensive is a 6 week program that is more effective than any other weight management plan I’ve ever used. I’ve successfully taken others through it and have even used it to lose the weight I wanted to and get my eating back on track.
Almost none of us escape the effects of these physiology snafus…I struggled with blood sugar imbalances for many years and would make progress and then fall off my healthy eating wagon, back into old habits even with the all of my education about nutrition. But ever since I did Ultralean 2 years ago, I’ve never gained the weight back. I sometimes teater-toter with my eating habits, but I got a real solid training, through the experience, about eating for energy and blood sugar balance that has stuck and helped me keep the weight off and be a better Doctor.

Professionally, I’ve tried many other weight loss plans with my clients that were not nearly as easy and effective as UltraLean because they did not teach the fundamentals of eating food for fuel or how to use supplements based on physiology snafus. With the UltraLean program, you not only get dietary guidelines to help you lose weight, but also the tools to support weight maintenance and lifelong health. UltraLean Intensive is designed to confront and take charge of stubborn weight by:
1. Devising an individualized metabolic plan
2. Supplying you with professional grade supplements to combat your biggest struggles: stress, blood sugar imbalances, appetite and cravings and give you energy without risky side-effects
3. Giving you a real food plan that teaches you what to eat and portion control without counting calories or points
4. Assessing your progress with measurement tools
5. Supporting you with 5 virtual group trainings (GT’s) and 7 individual mentoring calls (IMC’s) with Dr. Smith…plus many useful tips for success
6. Giving you a maintenance or continuing care plan to follow upon completion of the intensive program

So I will literally be guiding you every step of the way, helping you overcome the struggles of weight loss and assisting you personally every week! This is not a fad, diet in a box program. It’s a very successful, proven results program that addresses you individual snafus.

Let’s talk about the investment…

If you were to work with one of my competitors, the SOZA clinic, their price is:
-$599 for their standard 60 day weight loss program and
-$499 for their standard 30 day weight loss program
You would get similar nutritional support and group support. They would help you lose weight and give you some individual support. But to go down one or two pants sizes and improve your health it would be well worth it! And you could look fabulous for the Holidays!

The investment for my program…is less. The tuition for the UltraLean Intensive Program (ULI), where you’ll CONFRONT and TAKE CHARGE of the three biggest snafus that have kept you from losing weight, with an individualized plan including nutritional support for 6 weeks, a truly healthy & easy to follow real food plan, assessment tools, Dr supervision, group and individual support plus continuing care and more-so you can finally take that stubborn weight off…is $399. That’s less than $10 a day or about the cost of a big value, keep you fat forever meal.

Just in case it wasn’t clear. Here’s a recap of what you get:
1. Individual Metabolic Plan
2. Professional Supplements:
a. 3 Tubs Body Composition Powder (V,C,S/B)…Snafu #1
b. 30 ct Box of GlucoSupport Bars…Snafu #1 and a quick and easy go to when you’re hungry on the go
c. 2 Bottles Appetite Control…Snafu #3
d. One of two supplements for Craving…Snafu #2 & #3
3. Food plan with list, menu ideal and portion guideline – no counting points or calories…
4. Tools for assessing progress; BMI, Weigh-ins, metabolic assessments…Tools help encourage progress and make necessary adjustments
5. Professional Doctor supervision & support: 5 Group Trainings (GT’s) and 7 individual mentoring calls (IMC’s) plus weekly email reminders…Support helps you be accountable and meet goals
6. Maintenance and/or continuing care plan upon completion of the intensive…Important individual next steps

To register for one of the 16 spots available in the UltraLean Intensive program, get to the phone and call our office now for a quick intake interview now to see if you qualify and I’ll get you signed up. If you get our voicemail it means we’re experiencing a large volume of calls and will return your call in the order received. We will be registering people for the (ULI) until Thursday September 24th at 1 PM or until we fill the 16 spots, whichever comes first.

I stand so solidly behind my work in the world that I want to make it totally risk free. Register today. Get the amazing deal. Participate in the UltraLean Intensive fully. If what I advise you to do in the 6 week intensive doesn’t make you lose weight – come back to me and I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Get to the phone. Let’s get your intake done and qualify you and get you ready to finally confront and take charge of your weight!

A sincere thank you for attending today’s training.

God Bless,

Dr. Christina Smith

P.S.  You’ll be looking fine for the holidays!