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Who can you turn to in an overmedicated and over diagnosed world?

So many of us have been overprescribed and overmedicated without even a chance to truly become healthy. The traditional medical system has failed us and we don't know where to turn.

Dr. Christina Smith's Story

Reclaim Your Health, Youth and Life

Many years ago, Dr. Smith was determined to find the resolution to her health issues, Christina turned to functional medicine. Within thirty days of embarking on this journey, she went from being completely sick and helpless to having no symptoms at all and becoming inspired and alive.

Now she does the same for others.


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Education is the first step in living a healthy life. Dr. Smith holds seminars on a regular basis as a way to educate the public of the truth about health. Join her for an evening by clicking the link below.

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Aaron JohnsonSOZO Practice Member

Dr Smith works wonders. My wife and I had tried literally everything we could to clear up our issues from diet, exercise, fasting, and Whole30, to doctors and pharmaceuticals. Nothing worked! Dr Smith zeroed-in on the root cause of our health problems and designed a plan to get us out of the rut we had been in for years.

Darren OlsonSOZO Practice Member

I have only the highest level of respect for Dr Smith. She is second to none with her knowledge and personal interest in each client. Her programs are focused and customized for each individual and ultimately puts YOU in control of your health by walking with you through lifestyle changes that are achievable and can easily be maintained. These are the principles needed to change our health from the inside out. I am grateful to her and her amazing staff for the good they're doing.

Wanda BerthelotSOZO Practice Member

I would highly recommend Sozo!! I was so discouraged after suffering for years with Hashimoto's and other auto immune issues. Christine’s program has been life changing!!

Connie VincentSOZO Practice Member

Thank You Dr. Smith for giving me a more clear understanding of the importance of clean nutrition and its positive affect on my the body , brain , and aging. She and her team were there every step of the way with weekly phone calls and in between if I had a question. The supplements were so easy to take, they were pre-packages so no bottles to deal with. Recipes were provided along with shopping list for the week. I am very happy with the results I have seen and how much better I feel.

Lynn LandrySOZO Practice Member

I highly recommend SOZO and DR SMITH if you are feeling poorly for any reason, and if you are a bit overweight. I was feeling much better in only my first month FIVE STARS FOR SURE.

The Three Steps to Reclaiming Your Health

The first step is always the hardest. We made our program simple so you don’t have to worry about what’s going on every step of the way. We educated you before hand so you can at the very least walk away with the knowledge of the truth behind health today.

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Personalized Health Plan

Once you’ve been to one of our seminars, Dr. Smith will discuss a personalized one on one plan with you.

Reclaim Your Health!

Now it’s time to begin your health journey with the tools and education you need with Dr. Smith and her expert team guiding you along the way.

Stress Hormones and Health Presentation

We all know we want to feel better, and we all know what our symptoms are. But not many of us know why. Dr. Smith's Stress Hormones and Health Seminar answers these questions and provides insight into how you can live well again.

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Incredible Transformations

Watch some of our testimonials to hear our practice member’s experiences. See how so many of Dr. Smith's members were able to face their issues head on and have a life changing experience at SOZO Nutritional Health Centers.

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