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Read Dr. Smith's inspiring story of overcoming her own health obstacles to becoming the practitioner she is today and learn what Sozo Nutritional Health Centers is all about.
Dr. Christina Smith

Once struggling with her own health, Christina Smith's path was chosen for her

God works in mysterious ways. Christina Smith’s life was no exception.

Many years ago, before she was Dr. Smith, Christina was doing anything she could to make ends meet. One of these jobs was at a chemical plant.

During her time here, she was involved in an accident that would begin the process of degenerating her health. She began to feel sick all the time and even worse, she was inflicted with neurological issues that made it nearly impossible to care for her children.

She searched for answers everywhere and could find nothing, despite the fact that she had previous medical training in nursing school. At the doctor’s office, she was fed a steady supply of narcotics and was told she would never be better.

Determined to find the resolution to her health issues, Christina turned to functional medicine. Within thirty days of embarking on this journey, she went from being completely sick and helpless to having no symptoms at all and becoming inspired and alive.

With this newfound inspiration to health Dr.Smith made the decision to dedicate her life over the past 12 years to education and discovery in the field of Functional Medicine, Christina has found that this is God’s purpose for her. She understood God worked in mysterious ways to open her eyes to this new path. It can feel that way for many of us, but with faith, persistence and guidance, we can all realize our purpose in life and work towards a path of wellness and abundance.

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