How Our Practice Members

Triumphed Over Their Challenges

Many of our practice members started right where you are now. In the following videos, you'll see individuals who were once in desperate states of health and are now thriving in their lives.

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Weight Loss | Less Pain | More Energy

It may be hard to believe, but permanent lifestyle change is real! You absolutely can be healed of the most persistent long-standing thorn in your side sicknesses and health challenges. I am living proof.

Thank you Dr Smith and Mckenzi (our coach!), you have saved us a lifetime of illness and prescriptions!

Aaron JohnsonPractice Member

Weight Loss | More Energy Energy | Happier and Smiling

It was truly a lifestyle change and my health today reflects the benefits of this lifestyle change and the worth of eating organic and health foods together with just a walking program 5 days per week. I’m a healthy 72 1/2 today, and knowing that I’m off all those medications which were constantly increasing year by year in dosage, kinds and COST is very comforting.

Bob ReidPractice Member

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